Dating For People Who Know What They Want

Why Waste Time?

Create Your Dream Encounter

We bring the old dating world to the future and change the rules of the game.
Where other apps try to keep you in, we encourage you to get out.
Instead of aimlessly swiping and awkward conversations, create your own curated experience.
The dating world needs a fresh approach and we are here to offer it.

Chose & Set your

Dream Date Components

Your journey starts with a date - You know what you want for your first date to be

Set a time & date - Meet with people who are free when you are.

Create your dream reality and wait for the right partner to join.

Focus on

Unique Novelty Filters

Enough with wasting your precious time!
With our special filters you will be able to filter all the irrelevant results and find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you're a total foodie or passionate about geeky stuff, find someone who's as unique and interesting as you are.


It's all about compatibility. Match with someone who shares your most important life habits.


They say small details matter! Be able to filter features such as height, status, kosher level etc from the start.

Join an

Exclusive Invite Only Club

We’re done wasting time with imposters and creepy first dates.
At CR8 we believe you are who your friends are; therefore the app is invite-only.
Each user can invite 3 friends to join this exclusive dating pool.
However, don’t worry! Even if you weren’t invited, you can join our waiting list and be eligible to get a special invite from us to join the community upon approval.

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